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Happy Baby Bundle (please see description for contents & benefits)


Product information

Happy Baby Bundle


1. Soft Touch Comforter
2. Wind Chime
3. Visual Stimulation for New Babies (book)
4. Information Leaflet

Tissue-wrapped .
Each item has been carefully selected to stimulate baby or soothe away stress.

Information for new parents:

Soft Touch Comforter
The legendary Linus, who takes his security blanket everywhere in the comic strip ‘Peanuts’, tells us that he gains immense emotional comfort from it.
Comforters help babies self-soothe and settle and this one is satin-soft and super-cuddly. The silky ribbons and soft touch fabric invite exploration and give your baby’s little fingers the experience of different textures. When your baby is tired, distressed, in an unfamiliar place or unwell, the comforter will offer security and comfort.
What to do
To make the comforter special for your baby, sleep with it against your skin for a few nights to infuse it with your reassuring scent. Place the comforter over your shoulder when nursing or burping your baby so that it bears the smell of milk. Your baby will soon become attached to it if it smells good.
Have 2 or 3 machine washable comforters in case one gets lost and for hygiene reasons. Rotate them regularly to ensure that they get equal wear and tear. To be on the safe side, take the comforter out of the cot when your baby is sleeping.
Wind Chime
Research shows that the unborn baby recognizes voices, music and other regular sounds from the outside world. These same sounds offer comfort after the birth.
The pure, melodic sound of a wind chime soothes away stress, removes negative energy, and helps your baby to relax and unwind in a few short minutes. When your baby arrives home after a busy day out, the familiar ‘ting’ of the chime will bring peace and calm.
What to do
If you are still waiting for your baby to arrive, play the chime whenever you sit down and relax towards the end of your pregnancy. Your unborn baby will soon associate the sound with a period of stillness and calm.
After the birth, the sound will be associated with sleep if played at bedtime. During play time, move the chime from side-to-side to encourage your baby to look towards the sound and to improve listening skills.
Hang the chime in the nursery or where you relax together safely out of your baby’s reach. For safety reasons, do not hang it above or across your baby’s cot. Adult use only.
Visual Stimulation for New Babies
Babies can see colours at birth, but because the visual system is immature, they may appear blurry. Contrasting colours such as black and white can be seen more clearly and they provide a perfect source of visual stimulation.
This beautifully designed book provides a variety of different shapes and patterns to stimulate your baby’s sense of sight and curiosity. We added a splash of red to strengthen your baby’s tracking and focusing skills and to provide interest and stimulation. You will be more than rewarded when your baby spots the red colour!
What to do
Repetition is crucial to learning and reading regularly to your baby hardwires brain cell connections for life. It also strengthens the special relationship between you and your baby. Snuggle up together and give your baby time to look at the images before moving on to the next page. Talk about the shapes and patterns. Build excitement and anticipation by saying “Where’s the red shape? Oooohhh...there it is!” See also book instructions.
Described are just a few reasons why we love these products. We know that you and your baby will love them too!

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