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1. Baby Sensory Play @ Home Essential Bundle - Includes FREE 'Say Hello to the Sun' CD

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Baby Sensory Play @ Home Essential Bundle

Sing and sign to ‘Say Hello to the Sun’, Play @ Home with your baby, and join in with Baby Sensory from the comfort of your own home!

12 sensory items including FREE ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ CD to enable you to interact and Play @ Home with your baby and Baby Sensory!

  1. Shaker
  2. Beach ball
  3. Chiffon scarf (colour may vary)
  4. Baby jingle bell
  5. Hand puppet (frog or pig)
  6. Duck (yellow, plastic)

Adult-supervised props (not baby toys) include:

  1. FREE 'Say Hello to the Sun' CD
  2. Star or fibre optic wand
  3. Feather
  4. Mirror (acrylic)
  5. Ring handled Ribbon

12 items - all packed in a brown paper bag to protect the environment!

Read on to find out how the items can lead your baby’s learning and development forwards.

  1. Shaker: Promotes hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and visual tracking. Helps your baby to create sounds and learn about cause and effect (i.e. “If I shake the shaker, I can make this sound”).

  1. Beach ball: Encourages fun tummy time, invites purposeful interactions between you and your baby, promotes movement, balance and postural skills, and develops whole body and brain development.

  1. Chiffon scarf: Play ‘Peek-a-boo’ to reinforce the concept of object permanence (i.e. your baby knows you are still there even though you’re hidden from view). Drape it over your baby’s skin to stimulate nerve endings, and move it in different directions to strengthen and coordinate eye muscles. Rinse before use to remove natural vegetable dye. 

  1. Baby Jingle Bell Jingle the bell to encourage your baby to look in the direction of the sound, and to improve listening skills, focusing ability, and eye-teaming.

  1. Hand puppet (frog or pig supplied): Sing along with Baby Sensory and bring the puppet to life with animated movements and rich language. Stroke the puppet over your baby’s skin to promote sensory awareness, and to strengthen the special bond between you and your baby.

  1. Duck (yellow, plastic): Used for multiple Baby Sensory activities to stimulate attention and concentration, to encourage reaching and grasping skills, and to enhance visual development such as focusing, eye-teaming, and horizontal and vertical eye-tracking.

Adult-supervised only: Please note that the following are not baby toys. They can be used by an adult to provide a rich sensory experience with Baby Sensory Play @ Home, but must never be given to or left with your baby unsupervised.

1. 'Say Hello to the Sun' CD: Sing, sign, and calm your baby with 'Say Hello to the Sun', strengthen the bond between you with 'To and Fro', massage your baby with 'Baby Frog', and take your baby on a new sensory adventure with 'Pirate Ship'. CD includes 10 unique Baby Sensory songs to share with your baby!

2. Star or fibre optic wand: Dim the lights, cuddle up with your baby, and enjoy the light show created by Baby Sensory. Switch on the wand, hold it outside your baby’s grasping range, and settle down together to enjoy the fabulous light show (wand contains batteries and must never be given to your baby as a toy).

3. Feather: Run the feather over your baby’s skin to stimulate sensory awareness, to invite fun parent-baby interactions, and to bring on smiles and giggles (feather is not a toy and must be never be given to your baby)

4. Baby-safe mirror: Prop or hold the mirror up in front of your baby to encourage him to lift up his head and take a look! It will take many more months before he realizes that the face looking back at him is actually his (not a baby toy)!

5. Ring Handled Ribbon: Your baby will be fascinated by the colours and texture this ribbon has to offer. The perfect way to develop your baby's visual skills, improving focusing skills, tracking skills and getting those eyes working together as a team. (Not a toy and must be never be used unsupervised).

Please note that the adult-supervised items are not toys. They are to be used by an adult to provide a rich sensory experience with Baby Sensory Play @ Home, and must be fully supervised at all times.


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