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1. Hello Baby Play @ Home Essential Bundle - includes FREE 'Music for Newborns' CD!

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Hello Baby Play @ Home Essential Bundle

Play @ Home with Baby Sensory Hello Baby in your own home! Massage your baby with 'Music for Newborns' and help her calm and settle.

7 sensory items including FREE ‘Music for Newborns’ CD to enable you to Play @ Home and massage your baby with Baby Sensory Hello Baby!

  1. Muslin square
  2. Shaker
  3. Red visual Ball
  4. Hello Baby Visual Stimulation book

Adult-supervised props (not baby toys) include:

  1. FREE 'Music for Newborns' CD
  2. Baby-safe mirror
  3. Magic foil blanket

7 items - all packed in a brown paper bag to protect the environment!

Read on to find out how the items can lead your baby’s learning and development forwards.

  1. Muslin square: Used for multiple activities including massage, comfort techniques, and ‘peek-a-boo’.

  1. Shaker: Encourages your baby to turn towards the sound, develops listening skills, and an awareness of rhythm.

  1. Red visual ball: Your baby is very receptive to highly saturated colours such as red. Hold the red ball within her visual range, and move it slowly to one side to develop her focusing and tracking skills.

  1. Hello Baby Visual Stimulation book: Cuddle your baby and hold the book within her visual range. Turn the pages and observe how your baby fixates on the splash of red. Bold black and white patterns promote focusing, eye-teaming and tracking skills.

Adult-supervised only: Please note that the following are not baby toys. They can be used by an adult to provide a rich sensory experience with Baby Sensory Hello Baby Play @ Home, but must never be given or left with your baby unsupervised.

  1. ‘Music for Newborns’ CD: Beautiful music for massage and cuddling! CD includes 5 unique Baby Sensory songs to share with your baby!

  1. Baby-safe mirror: Prop or hold the mirror up in front of your baby to encourage her to lift up her head and take a look (not a baby toy)!

  1. Magic foil blanket: Ideal for promoting tummy time. Your baby will be fascinated by the reflective material, its tactile properties and the sound that it makes (not a toy and must never be used unsupervised. Remove the foil blanket if tears appear. Not to be used for teething babies).

Please note that adult-supervised items are not toys. They are to be used by an adult to provide a rich sensory experience with Baby Sensory Hello Baby Play @ Home, and must be fully supervised at all times.


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