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1. Toddler Sense Play @ Home Essential Bundle - includes FREE Tod Colouring book!

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Toddler Sense Play @ Home Essential Bundle

Join in with a new Toddler Sense Play @ Home adventure every week with these essential props! Play, learn, dance, shake, and get moving with Tod (or your teddy) in the comfort of your own home!

12 essential items including FREE Tod Colouring book to enable you to interact and Play @ Home with your toddler and Toddler Sense!

  • FREE Tod Colouring book
  • Rhythm sticks (pair)
  • Shaker
  • Beach ball
  • Chiffon scarves x 2 (colours may vary)
  • Jingle bell 
  • Hand puppet (frog or pig)
  • Duck (yellow, plastic)
  • Star or fibre optic wand (adult supervised)
  • Feather (adult supervised)
  • Ring-handled ribbon (adult supervised)

All packed in a brown paper bag to protect the environment!

Read on to find out how the items can lead your toddler’s learning and development forwards.

  • Tod Colouring book: Includes 16 pages of colouring and dot-to-dot fun with Tod to keep your toddler busy learning at home!

  • Rhythm sticks (pair): Beat the rhythm sticks together and sing ‘How Do You Do?’ with Toddler Sense! Ideal for developing hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and a sense of rhythm!

  • Shaker: Make music, develop fine motor skills and coordination, increase sensory awareness and imagination, and reduce toddler stress and frustration.

  • Beach ball: Develops all aspects of your toddlers learning and development. Helps your toddler to develop aiming, throwing, rolling, kicking, and catching skills, and makes physical activity so much fun!

  • Chiffon scarves (2 supplied): Sparks all sorts of creative and imaginative movement from twirling to waving and dancing. “Can you make the scarf float like a cloud, transform it into a cloak or fly like a bird?” Rinse before use to remove natural vegetable dye.

  • Jingle bell: Listen to the music, sing, and jingle your bell above your head, down by your feet, fast, slow, loud or quiet to enhance listening skills, imagination, and creativity.

  • Hand puppet (frog or pig): Bring the puppet to life with animated movements and rich language. Create your very own puppet show with Toddler Sense Play @ Home onscreen!

  • Duck (yellow, plastic): Used for multiple Toddler Sense activities from hide-and-seek to bouncy fun at the pond, ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’, and water activities.

Adult-supervised only: Please note that the following are not toys. They can be used to encourage your toddler to join in with Toddler Sense Play @ Home activities, but must always be supervised by an adult.

  • Star or fibre optic wand: Dim the lights, switch on the wand and settle down with Mum or Dad to enjoy the fabulous Play @ Home light show (wand contains batteries and must never be left with your toddler. Always supervise star or fibre optic wands).

  • Feather: Why not dust the house or Mum or Dad with a feather duster? Encourages all sorts of creative role-play ideas and invites toddler-parent interactions (feather is not a toy and is unsuitable for mouthing).

  • Ring-handled ribbon: Moving ribbons invite creative dance and movement, develop spatial awareness, coordination, and vertical and horizontal tracking skills (trim ribbons when frayed, and ensure that the handle is secure before use. Not a toy).

Please note that adult-supervised items are not toys and must be fully supervised at all times.


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