Animal Finger Puppets

How can your toddler or child have fun with our animal finger puppets?

Animal finger puppets offer a fun and engaging tool for toddlers and young children. They provide endless opportunities for imaginative play and educational exploration. Here are some of the benefits of animal finger puppets:

Supports Language Development and Imagination: Animal finger puppets can support speech and language development by encouraging your toddler or child to use their imagination to create their own stories and adventures.

Introduces Animals and Nature: Animal finger puppets provide a valuable opportunity for your toddler or child to learn about different animals, which supports their understanding of nature and the world around them.

Develops Social-Emotional Skills: Animal finger puppets can help your toddler or child to express their thoughts and feelings. Talking through a puppet enables them to communicate emotions that they might not normally feel comfortable sharing. 

Enhances Fine Motor Skills: Using a finger puppet requires dexterity and coordination, which helps your toddler or child to improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Our animal finger puppet collection at Baby Sensory Shop is sure to provide hours of fun for your toddler or child. Here are a few ideas:

Finger Puppet Chick: This adorable finger puppet is perfect for springtime fun. Your toddler or child can make the chick cheep, cluck and peck as their imagination takes flight.

Finger Puppet Brown Mouse: This playful companion can be taken on adventures around the house looking for cheese, bring nursery rhymes to life such as ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’, and help your toddler or child to explore words that rhyme with ‘mouse’.

Finger Puppet Crab: This is lifelike crab is one of many sea finger puppets that will provide hours of imaginative play. For children who love learning about sea creatures, our collection is perfect for beach-themed stories and puppet plays. 

Finger Puppet Fox: The perfect friend for outdoor adventures in the forest, and for interacting in wildlife themes and nature stories. Your toddler or child can also put on a puppet show using wildlife animal puppets that the whole family will enjoy.

Finger Puppet Bumble Bee: This finger puppet bee is perfect for spring and summertime fun. Your toddler or child will have fun flying the bee from flower to flower collecting nectar and buzzing around the garden.

Start a collection of animal finger puppets and set the stage for a valuable learning adventure and many happy hours of fun, interactive play!