At What Age Should You Introduce Sensory Toys To Your Baby?

What age should you introduce sensory toys to your baby?

Sensory toys can be introduced to your newborn baby and they are an excellent way to develop their senses from birth. 

Your newborn baby can focus on black, white, and red objects, track the movement of a slowly moving sensory toy, and turn towards the sound of a maraca or bell shaken to one side. 

Your newborn can also lift and hold their head steady and focus on an object for a few moments when lying on their tummy. At 6 weeks, your baby will concentrate on brightly coloured objects, and from 3 months on, your baby will reach out and grasp sensory toys for mouthing and further exploration.

As your baby grows, they will show great interest in brightly coloured books such as ‘Say Hello to the Sun’, and sensory toys that move, make sounds or reflect light such as a beach ball, maraca, bell or baby-safe mirror.

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