Baby And Toddler Sensory Books

Help your baby or toddler learn and develop with our unique sensory books 

Sharing a book with your baby or toddler supports all areas of sensory learning from cognitive (intellectual) to social-emotional, visual, and auditory (hearing) development. Cuddling up and sharing a book together also increases the bond between you which makes reading a very worthwhile activity. 

At Baby Sensory Shop, you will find a fabulous selection of sensory educational books to engage and stimulate your baby or toddler’s growing mind. For example:

Enhanced Sensory Development

Baby sensory books are thoughtfully designed to stimulate and excite the senses with vibrant colours and beautiful illustrations. As each page is turned, your baby or toddler will make new discoveries, which sets the stage for further exploration and learning.

Language and Cognitive Development

Introducing books from birth enhances cognitive skills and promotes the development of speech and language skills when you read aloud. Your baby or toddler will also absorb the rhythmic words, signs, and illustrations in our sensory books which lay the groundwork for learning and knowledge of the world.

Our Recommendations from Baby Sensory Shop

Say Hello to the Sun- This captivating, beautifully illustrated sensory book with accompanying signs is based on our signature song, ‘Say Hello to the Sun’. This book takes your baby or toddler on a journey through sunshine, rain, flower meadows, day and night-time, and provides a perfectly calming read for sharing.

ABC of Baby Signing- Explore the world of baby signing with this interactive book. Filled with clear illustrations and simple signs based on natural hand gestures, the ‘ABC of Baby Signing’ provides a fun and interactive way for you and your baby to communicate before they can verbalise their needs.

Visual Stimulation for New Babies- Designed specifically for newborns, this book features high-contrast, black-and-white shapes and patterns to capture attention and support visual development. A splash of red on each page will capture your baby’s interest and encourage focusing and eye-teaming skills.

Say Hello First Sounds and Words Alphabet Cards- Introduce your baby or toddler to letter symbols, words, and images. Each card features a letter, a corresponding word, and a colourful illustration. Looking at pictures increases object recognition and hearing the letter sounds or words forms the foundation for pre-reading.

Download our songs from music streaming sites and read and sing along with your baby or toddler to ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ and many other favourites.