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If you are a new parent, you will be aware of the difficulties in getting your baby to sleep. Lullabies, songs, and restful music can help. But how do you choose the best music when there are so many selections available?

Lullabies are one of the best ways to settle your baby. The slow, steady beat and soothing, repetitive melody of a lullaby can help your baby to relax and drift into peaceful sleep. 

Lullabies also invite cuddling and rocking movements. Rocking reminds your baby of the comforting movements of the womb. Best of all, holding your baby strengthens the bond between you.

Rhythmic songs such as ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ include a tempo similar to the sound of your resting heartbeat. The rhythmic beat can be very effective in helping your baby to relax and settle.  

When your baby is awake, songs or nursery rhymes with a steady beat and lots of repetitive language such as ‘Row your Boat’ invite fun interactions. Nursery rhymes also encourage movement, which helps your baby to release excess energy before bedtime. 

Classical music of a slow pace such as Mozart or Beethoven can be very soothing for babies. Other genres such as folk, pop, rock or jazz encourage interaction and movement, release stress and tension, and help your baby sleep better at night. 

And don’t forget the power of your own voice! Even if you think you cannot sing, your baby prefers the sound of your voice to any other and the comfort that it provides. When you sing a lullaby, song or nursery rhyme your baby feels safe and secure. Singing can be emotionally enriching for the whole family too!

So, the next time you are struggling to get your baby to settle to sleep, play some soothing music or sing a lullaby. You might even find that they help you to relax and de-stress too!

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Baby Sensory CD 'Bobbing Up and Down'

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Toddler Sense CD 'Happy Fish'

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 'Say Hello to the Sun’ and other Baby Sensory songs and lullabies can also be found on Spotify. We’re proud to say that ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ has been played over 25 million times! 

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