Baby Sensory Experiences

Baby sensory experiences are important in early childhood development because they stimulate the senses and promote cognitive, emotional, and physical growth

Stimulating your baby's senses promotes curiosity, discovery, physical development, and intellectual thinking skills. At Baby Sensory Shop we have a range of fun and engaging baby sensory toys to help your baby learn and develop.

Sensory Float Bottle: A World of Visual Stimulation

Sensory Float Bottles are multi-sensory toys designed to stimulate your baby's visual, auditory, and exploratory skills. Filled with colourful and interesting objects such as glitter, beads or sequins, the contents will mesmerise your baby as they swirl and float around. The shape and size of the sensory bottle will encourage your baby to grasp and shake it, which fosters hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Shake the bottle gently to create an exciting display of colour that will keep your baby happily occupied and entertained.

Baby-safe Mirror: Self-Discovery and Interaction

The Baby-safe Mirror is a fantastic sensory tool for encouraging self-discovery and social engagement. Your baby can see their own reflection, which fosters self-awareness and self-recognition, and the reflective material invites curiosity and investigation. Interacting with the mirror can also help your baby develop social and emotional skills as they learn to copy facial emotions and movements. The acrylic, non-breakable mirror has rounded edges for extra safety during fun, supervised play.

Tod Glove Puppet: Exploration and Imaginative Storytelling

The Tod Glove Puppet is an engaging and adaptable sensory toy that encourages imaginative interactions with your baby and enriching and emotionally rewarding play. Wear the Tod Glove Puppet on your hand and have fun playing peekaboo with your baby during supervised play to reinforce the concept that things do not disappear when they are out of sight. Introduce the different Tod characters to your baby and bring favourite songs to life as you wriggle your fingers. Perfect for enhancing your baby’s communication skills.  Older children will also enjoy imaginative storytelling with the Tod Glove Puppet.

Baby Sensory Chiffon Scarf: Touch and Movement

The Baby Sensory Chiffon Scarf is soft, lightweight, smooth, and delicate, providing your baby with a soothing, tactile sensation. Drape the scarf over your baby’s legs and arms to develop their sense of touch. Lift the scarf above your baby’s face and let it drift down slowly. Your baby will love the element of surprise when you pull the scarf away! The Chiffon Scarf can be used for multiple supervised activities such as dance, wrapping up their favourite toys for discovery, and fun peekaboo games. To improve your baby’s focusing and tracking skills, tie the Chiffon Scarf on the pram or pushchair so your baby can watch it moving in the breeze.