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Baby's Ultimate Bundle - FREE CD and Bag

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Baby's Ultimate Bundle 

13 sensory items including FREE ‘Nursery Rhymes’ CD and FREE ‘tote bag’ included in this bundle:

  1. Baby Sensory Baby Fleece
  2. Baby Sensory Beach Ball
  3. Mini Maraca (individual)
  4. Baby Safe Mirror
  5. Chiffon Scarf
  6. Jingle Bell
  7. Magic Foil
  8. Ring Handled Ribbon
  9. 'Say Hello to the Sun' Book (EXCLUSIVE) - FREE
  10. ‘Nursery Rhyme’ CD
  11. Timmy The Tummy Time Duck
  12. Tod Glove Puppet
  13. Toddler Sense Tote Bag - FREE

Read on to find out how the items can lead your baby’s learning and development forward:

Baby Sensory Baby Fleece

Super-soft, cream-coloured fleece blanket with embroidered gold stars and ‘Say hello to the stars shining down on me!’ inscription.

Perfect for taking along to class to lay baby on and using in the pram or stroller.

Baby Sensory Beach Ball

Encourages fun tummy time, invites purposeful interactions between you and your baby. 

Promotes movement, balance and postural skills as well as developing whole body and brain development.

Mini Maraca (individual)

Promotes hand-eye coordination, listening skills and visual tracking.

It also helps your baby to create sounds and learn about cause and effect (i.e. “If I shake the shaker, I can make this sound”).

Baby Safe Mirror

Prop or hold the mirror up in front of your baby to encourage him to lift his head and take a look.

It will take many more months before he realises that the face looking back at him is actually his (not a toy).

Chiffon Scarf

Play ‘peek-a-boo’ to reinforce the concept of object permanence (i.e. your baby knows you are still there even though you’re hidden from view).

Drape it over your baby’s skin to stimulate nerve endings and move it in different directions to strengthen and coordinate eye muscles.

Rinse before use to remove natural vegetable dye.

Jingle Bell (design and colour may vary from the picture)

Jingle the bell to encourage your baby to look in the direction of the sound and to improve listening skills, focusing ability as well as eye-teaming.

Magic Foil

The unique properties of the foil make it an excellent learning tool for babies but it must always be fully supervised by a parent or responsible adult. Adult supervision is required. This is not a toy.

Ring-Handled Ribbon

Your baby will be fascinated by the colours and texture this ribbon has to offer.

The perfect way to develop your baby's visual skills, improving focusing skills, tracking skills and getting those eyes working together as a team. This is not a toy and must be never be used unsupervised.

Say Hello to the Sun Book (EXCLUSIVE)

This exclusive story takes you through a journey of sunshine, rain, flowering meadows, daytime and night-time providing a perfectly calming read for parents and babies to share.

Based on our signature song, where you can sing and sign along together!

‘Nursery Rhyme’ CD (only 1 x CD included)

Sing, sign and calm your baby with our Baby Sensory music.

Timmy the Tummy Time Duck

Place Timmy in front of baby to promote tummy time or rattle him to increase auditory awareness.

Tod Glove Puppet

A wonderful way to introduce different characters to your baby.

Play peek-a-boo, hide and seek or 'Tod Thumb' to reinforce the idea of object permanence.

Great way to interact with your baby to encourage social skills, the element of surprise and that one-to-one interaction. Join Tod on his fabulous adventures! Always use under adult supervision.

Toddler Sense Tote bag

Perfect for transporting all the necessities between class and home.

These cotton bags have a long handle perfect for popping over your shoulder.

Please note that due to the variety of products adult supervision is always required when using the items within this bundle. Do not leave your baby unattended with these items.

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