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Black & White Bundle (please see description for contents & benefits)

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Product information

Black & White Bundle (cellophane wrapped with bow)

Suitable from birth, but some items (scarves, face card and book) require adult supervision and interaction.


See learning and developmental benefits below.


  1. Black & White Face Card.
  2. Gold-star Baby Fleece blanket branded with gold embroidered inscription 'Say Hello to the stars shining down on me' (90 x 70 cm).
  3. Black and White Visual book (branded)
  4. White Textured Comforter (34 x 34 cm). (Supplied at random)
  5. Black and White Chiffon Scarves (one of each).

Learning and development benefits:


1. Black and white Face Card includes bold contrasting colours to increase visual awareness and discrimination, and a round face to attract interest and make your baby smile. Hold the card out of reach in front of your baby to promote fun, interactive parent-baby play and communication.


2. Cuddle up with your baby and promote bonding with this super-soft, cream-coloured fleece blanket. Ideal for keeping your baby warm in the pram or stroller!


3. Beautifully designed black and white book provides a variety of different shapes and patterns to stimulate your baby’s sense of sight and curiosity. We added a splash of red to strengthen tracking and focusing skills and to provide interest and stimulation. Move the book slowly from side to side to increase tracking skills. You’ll be more than rewarded when your baby spots the red colour!

4. Ivory textured comforter helps your baby to self-soothe and settle and this one is satin-soft and super-cuddly. The silky ribbons and soft touch fabric invite exploration and give your baby’s little fingers the experience of different textures. When your baby is tired, distressed, in an unfamiliar place or unwell, the comforter will offer security and comfort.


5. Contrasting black and white chiffon scarves will stimulate your baby’s skin and increase tactile awareness. Let the scarves float down gently over your baby and then pull them away saying Peek-a-boo’ to bring on smiles and giggles (rinse before use to remove natural vegetable dye residue).

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