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Sing, dance and learn with our exclusive ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ lyric book!

Are you looking for a fun and educational activity to share with your baby or toddler? Do you want to encourage their love of music and learning? Our unique ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ illustrated lyric book provides the perfect solution!

‘Say Hello to the Sun’ lyric book is a great way to  help your baby or toddler learn new words, and develop speech and language skills. The rhyming words also enable your baby or toddler to anticipate each phrase of the song, and join in with the singing and actions. 

As well as promoting language development, our ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ lyric book also invites fun interactions between you and your baby or toddler, which improves self-esteem, confidence, memory, and concentration skills. The rhyme and colourful illustrations provide a wealth of learning and development opportunities from visual stimulation to imagination, social interactions, and overall cognitive development.

Another benefit of sharing our ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ lyric book with your baby or toddler is that it provides a fun and engaging way to strengthen the bond between you. Singing, reading and talking about the illustrations with your baby or toddler can be emotionally and socially enriching too!

At Baby Sensory Shop we are proud to have our very own limited edition lyric book- Say Hello to the Sun

Includes lyrics to your 10 favourite Baby Sensory songs:

Download your favourite Baby Sensory songs from music streaming sites and have fun reading and singing together. 'Say Hello to the Sun’ and other Baby Sensory songs and lullabies can also be found on Spotify, so you can sing, dance, play or relax to your favourite music!