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Christmas Stocking Bundle

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Christmas Stocking Bundle

Manufacturer's guidelines: Adult-supervised play.

Remove the soft toy duck, book, instruments and chiffon scarf from the pram or cot during sleeps or unattended play. 
Colours supplied at random. Designs may vary.

Bundle includes:

Santa or Snowman Stocking - the cutest place to hide Christmas surprises!

Baby Sensory Timmy Duck (with internal bell)
Developmental benefits: Our very own soft toy duck! So cute that every child will want to cuddle him!  Makes tummy time play fun from birth, promotes the sense of touch and enhances listening skills.
Have a play: Place Timmy Duck in front of your baby to promote tummy time and to encourage reaching and grasping skills. Rattle Duck to encourage baby to follow the sound!  Cuddle up together and hold his plush, velvety body against baby’s skin to provide comfort.

Christmas Book (minil)
Developmental benefits: Reading is the perfect way to introduce your baby to the world of language. All children need books to develop imagination and vocabulary, to nourish emotional development, and to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world.
Have a play: Enter the magical world of Christmas imagination! Cuddle up together, point to the festive pictures, and talk about the colours and hideaway characters. Encourage your baby to turn the pages and lift the flaps. Excellent stocking filler and easy to take with you wherever you go!

Ring my Bell
Developmental Benefits: The perfect instrument to develop listening skills, hand-eye coordination and grasping skills from birth. Ring-my-Bell encourages allows babies to explore, play and handle a musical instrument, and make merry Christmas music!
Have a play: Jingle the bell slowly from left to right to encourage your baby to track sound and movement. Encourage your baby to reach and grasp the bell and make merry music to entertain the whole family this Christmas!

Mini Shaker
Developmental benefits: Music is brain food for babies! This little shaker is perfect for encouraging tiny hands to make music, which enhances all areas of learning. Enhance hand-eye coordination, develop listening skills, and build new connections in your baby’s brain from birth!
Have a play: Move the shaker slowly from left to right and give it a little shake to encourage your baby to track sound and movement. Play the songs on our Christmas CD and encourage your baby to make festive sounds!

Baby Sensory Chiffon Scarf (colour may vary).
Developmental benefits: Excellent for promoting fun interactive, peekaboo play, turn-taking and participation this Christmas. Soft fabric stimulates the sense of touch, eye-tracking and eye-teaming.
Have a play: Move the scarf over baby’s skin to develop texture awareness, wave it in the air to encourage visual skills or play ‘peek-a-boo’ to encourage smiles and giggles. Your baby may even play ‘peek-a-boo’ with you!
Safety: Rinse before use to remove natural (vegetable) non-harmful dye residue. Please read washing instructions. Adult supervised use.



Technical specifications

Condition: New


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