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Christmas Surprise Bundle - (Packed in a paper bag with a branded label)

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Product information

Christmas Surprise Bundle
Bring the magic of Christmas to life with this gorgeous bundle. Full of Christmas fun, the very sweet felt bag to keep safe all those treasures, our very special Gingerbread Man to stimulate imagination, some musical fun to be explored with the maraca, Christmas book and Christmas inflatable too! 

Remove soft toy and instruments from cot or pram during sleeps and unattended play. 
Colours supplied at random. Designs may vary.​​​​​​​
Developmental benefits and how to play:

Mini Card Book
A great way to explore languages, new words and vocabulary, it is never to early to start reading with your little one!

How to play:
Cuddle up with your little one and go through the pages reading the story along the way. Don't forget to point out characters in the pictures too!
Christmas Character Felt Bag
A very sweet little character felt bag. A great chance for little one to go exploring and collect their treasures along the way. Enhances exploratory and discovery skills, and the ability to put things in and out of bags!

How to play:
Place some items in front of your little one and show them how to fill up the bag. You'll be surprised about how inquisitive they are and will want to look in the bag and pour them all out, to just repeat the process!
Gingerbread Man Soft Toy
We love this Gingerbread Man, he is the perfect size for a little Christmas character. A brilliant way to stimulate imagination, develop social skills and the beginnings of role play!

How to play:
Interact with baby and the Gingerbread Man. Play peek-a-boo to teach little ones about the element of surprise and object permanence.

Baby Sensory Maraca
Making music can provide so many developmental benefits from exploring different sounds, listening skills, gives little ones a sense of rhythm and develops fine manipulative skills.

How to play:
Shake in front of your little one and encouarges them to reach out and grasp the maraca. Introduce some other musical instruments such as our Ring-my-Bells, or Wave Drums to make your very own little orchestra. 

Inflatable Elf or Santa
The perfect Christmas character to make your home and play areas more festive this Christmas!


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