Developmental Baby And Toddler Toys

See our collection of developmental baby and toddler toys

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want them to grow up healthy, happy, and intelligent. One of the best ways to nurture their development is to provide them with the right tools to stimulate their brains and motor skills from an early age. Developmental baby and toddler toys are designed specifically to cater to their needs, and they offer many opportunities for fun learning, sensory play, exploration, and movement.

At Baby Sensory Shop we have a lovely collection of developmental baby and toddler toys. A few popular choices include:

Bounce Ball: This traditional, soft, pliable Bounce Ball invites fun social interactions and encourages mobility skills such as crawling, throwing, and catching. The textured surface stimulates tactile exploration, and the bright colour stimulates visual development. Play time with a ball can be emotionally enriching for your baby or child as well as family and friends who can get involved in turn-taking activities such as rolling the ball back and forth thus providing an endless source of amusement and fun!

Tummy Time Discovery Toy: This multi-sensory tummy time support cushion encourages your baby to lift and turn their head to see the world, which develops strong back and neck muscles, and makes tummy time fun! The toy includes crinkles, an internal jingle, plush fabric, rainbow ribbons, and teething rings to promote tactile awareness, curiosity, and exploration. When your baby learns to sit up, the toy acts as a security prop, and when your baby starts to crawl, it can be rolled along the floor to encourage mobility skills. 

Max Pull Along: This delightful pull-along toy encourages your baby to crawl or walk while also stimulating their curiosity and sense of adventure. When Max is pulled along, your toddler develops coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. Max also wags his tail and shakes his head when he walks, making him the perfect friend for your child.

Fun Cotton Reels: These adaptable, durable cotton reels provide limitless opportunities for imaginative play. Your toddler can stack, roll, and thread the cotton reels, which develops fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. Your child's visual and tactile senses will also be stimulated by the four bright colours, which encourage matching and sorting activities, and colour recognition.

Lock-Up Garage: Through hands-on play, this interactive toy sets your toddler off on a colourful journey of discovery and imagination. The Lock-Up Garage has doors with a variety of locks, keys, and mechanisms, enticing your toddler to experiment and figure out how to unlock each one. An ideal toy for developing problem-solving skills, imagination, exploration, and hand-eye coordination.

Quality toys that develop intelligent thinking at the appropriate developmental stage are crucial for optimal brain growth and development. They are also an investment for the future.