Developmental Baby Toys

Discover the endless benefits of developmental baby toys

Baby sensory toys stimulate your baby's sense of sight, touch, sound, and taste. They also promote healthy learning and development, and they provide endless hours of interactive sensory play, fun, and entertainment.

Popular textured sensory fabrics such as a hand puppet, chiffon scarf,  fleece, tummy time discovery toy or soft cuddly toy are made from high quality materials such as chiffon, wool or crinkly fabrics, which develop the tense of touch and encourage your baby to explore. 

Sensory toys such as shape sorters, stacking cups, soft blocks or toys that move develop your baby’s senses when they cuddle, grasp or mouth them. They also give your baby something to focus on should you get caught up on the phone!

Musical toys such as shakers, rattles, bells, and drums are ideal for baby sensory play. They help your baby learn about cause and effect, and they develop hand-eye coordination, sound awareness, curiosity, and musical creativity. They also release stress and tension.

Baby sensory rattle keys are excellent for soothing sore gums when teething and for grasping and shaking. The different colours, shapes, and textures encourage exploration, learning and discovery. They are also safe, non-toxic, and easy to clean. 

At Baby Sensory Shop we have a whole host of baby sensory toys that vary in ages  0-13 months1-2 year olds or 2-5 year olds. We also have our New Year sale, as well as our Valentines shop which gives you the perfect chance to treat your little one to something special.