Hand Puppets

What’s all the fuss about hand puppets?

Hand puppets are an amazing tool for engaging babies and children and for fostering their creativity, imagination, and communication skills. 

Here are just a few benefits of using hand puppets:

Promotes social skills - Puppets are a fun way for adults to entertain babies and build their communication skills through talking and interaction, and for children to build social skills, language, imagination, and creativity by entertaining their peers or parents.

Improves self-esteem - Children feel more confident when they interact with a puppet character because they can express their feelings in a safe and non-threatening environment which they can control.

Teaches empathy - Hand puppets can teach children about emotions such as empathy and kindness. Children can use puppets to act out feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, kindness, and other emotions which can help them to better understand and relate their feelings to others.

Encourages imaginative play - Hand puppets enable children to bring their own stories to life and to create new worlds through play. They can use puppets to act out their favourite fairy tales, create new characters, and design their own adventures.

Boosts language skills - When children use hand puppets to tell stories, they practise their verbal communication and language skills. They also learn to express their thoughts and emotions effectively through their puppet characters. 

All these things can help children to control and express their emotions and sleep better at night.

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