Hand Puppets For Babies & Toddlers

Enhancing Developmental Skills with Hand Puppets for Babies and Toddlers

Finding creative and engaging ways to engage and stimulate your baby or toddler is easy with hand puppets. Hand puppets offer a fantastic opportunity to promote sensory learning, fun interactions, communication, and cognitive brain development from birth. 

Promoting Speech and Language Skills - Hand puppets provide an exciting platform for promoting speech and language skills. Your baby will love hearing your voice and watching your expressions change when you play peek-a-boo with the puppet. Your toddler will enjoy creating different voices for each puppet and delight you with a puppet show! 

Enhancing Social and Emotional Development - Through puppet play, your toddler can explore and express their emotions in a safe and imaginative way, and learn about empathy, cooperation, and turn-taking. Puppets can also help your baby or toddler process difficult situations such as starting nursery or going into hospital. 

Stimulating Cognitive Abilities - Hand puppets offer rich opportunities for cognitive brain development. When your toddler manipulates a hand puppet, they develop problem-solving skills by exploring feelings and emotions through storytelling. Your toddler also learns to control their hand muscles which leads on to fine motor skills such as threading and writing.

Fostering Creativity and Imagination - Hand puppets provide limitless creative possibilities for imaginative role-play. Your toddler can explore different scenarios, create unique puppet personalities, and take the puppet on adventures indoors and nature walks outdoors. By so doing, your toddler learns about nature and the world around them. 

Introducing Hand Puppets from  the Baby Sensory Shop

At Baby Sensory Shop, we have a delightful assortment of hand puppet characters to enhance your baby or toddler’s play experiences. Here are a few examples:

Hand Puppet Military Macaw - Featuring vibrant colours and soft plush fabric, the Military Macaw hand puppet is perfect for introducing babies and toddlers to the world of birds. The puppet can help expand your toddler’s knowledge of different animal species while fostering a love of nature and wildlife.

Hand Puppet 'Hideaway Tree House' Set - The 'Hideaway Tree House' hand puppet set takes puppet play to new heights. With the accompanying finger puppet characters, your toddler will enjoy hours of imaginative play and embark on an exciting new adventure every day.

Hand Puppet 'Rabbit-in-a-Lettuce' Set - Your baby will love this adorable rabbit hiding in a lettuce with minibeasts tucked away in the leaves. Perfect for peek-a-boo fun! Your toddler can take the rabbit on imaginative adventures, play hide-and-seek with the finger puppet mini beasts, make up nature stories, and cuddle up with the rabbit at the end of a busy day.