Newborn Music Toys

What can our newborn music toys do for your newborn baby? 

Exposing your newborn to music is a fun and enriching experience. Music toys not only entertain, they also engage the senses, boost cognitive growth, develop motor skills, and release stress and tension. 

Ring My Bell

The Ring My Bell toy is an excellent way to introduce your newborn to music. This music toy, with its bright colour and distinctive sound, will soon capture attention. The soft ringing tone stimulates auditory development and fosters a sense of rhythm. Furthermore, as your baby learns to grasp and shake the toy, the easy-to-hold handle promotes tactile awareness, fine motor skill development, and hand-eye coordination.


Maracas are a traditional and engaging music toy. These colourful, lightweight instruments are ideal for small hands, allowing your baby to easily make soft, rattling sounds. The shaking motion promotes motor skills and coordination while also introducing your baby to the concept of cause and effect. For example, “If I shake the maraca, I can make this sound!” Furthermore, maracas are available in a variety of shapes and styles such as ones with textured or smooth handles for increased sensory stimulation.

Ocean Drum

When your baby is a little older, you can introduce percussion instruments such as an ocean drum. This baby-safe drum will help promote an early appreciation of music and encourage exploration. Drums also encourage your baby to open up their hands, which leads on to later skills such as flat-hand crawling, patting, and waving. To help your baby develop a sense of rhythm, hold their hands and help them to beat the drum. The ocean drum also develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills making them a joyful, educational toy.

So, how can you use these with your newborn?

When introducing music toys to your newborn, keep the following tips in mind:

And lastly, have fun! Enjoy every second observing your baby as they take on all the new sounds that they hear. As your baby develops, you will have some truly special memories of their very first music toys.