Newborn Musical Toys To Pick

What is the importance of newborn music toys?

When you have a newborn to entertain, soothe or calm, it can be hard knowing which music toys can help. Amongst all the choices, favourite music toys include baby maracas and bells. 

Play advice/tips

Promote physical development: Music toys can help lay the foundation for essential hand movements such as reaching, opening the fingers to grasp, and hand-eye coordination.  Your baby is also rewarded when they make sounds with a shaker or bell.

Stimulate your baby’s brain: Music toys can stimulate both sides of the brain thus promoting intellectual development as well as eye teaming, eye tracking, listening, and fine motor skills.

Offer comfort and relaxation: Music toys can be a source of relaxation for your newborn baby. The gentle sound of a maraca or bell can bring calm and comfort when your baby is tired or in need of comfort. 

At Baby Sensory Shop you can find a collection of newborn music toys that can be introduced under adult supervision. For example:

Baby Maracas

A baby maraca is a classic best-buy music toy for your baby. Holding and shaking the maraca promotes hand-eye coordination and a sense of rhythm from birth. When your baby grasps the maraca and makes a sound, they will develop an early understanding of cause and effect. For example, “If I shake the shaker, I can make this sound.” It can also save the day when your baby is stressed, tired, frustrated or in need of entertainment. If your newborn is not ready to reach out and grasp the maraca, shake it to one side to encourage your baby to turn towards the sound.

Mini Maraca

Your newborn baby will love to hold an object in their hands. This easy to hold Mini Maraca  features an easy to grip handle and is perfect for the smallest hands. Even the tiniest baby will have fun making sounds with this delightful Mini Maraca.

Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell features encased bells for extra safety. The round shape can be grasped by your baby and when shaken, it makes a soft tinkling sound. When your baby is ready to mouth objects, adult supervision will be required during daytime playtime music sessions.

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