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Sensory Float Bottle - Green

This beautiful, high quality, well-tested baby sensory bottle by Petit Boum is a fantastic addition to your baby or toddler's development. Petit Boum worked with paediatricians and visual therapists to create this mesmerising and stimulating sensory bottle.

The bottle has the following important learning and development attributes:

Sensory stimulation

Handling the sensory bottle, seeing the the colours, and objects and elements moving stimulates the sensory system.


The combination of moving elements and objects encourages babies and young children to track the contents.


When the sensory bottle is shaken, the elements and objects produce sounds that appeal to babies and young children. 

Touch and psychomotor skills

The weight, shape, and size of the sensory bottle encourages babies or young children to grasp, shake or roll it, which fosters hand-eye coordination, encourages crawling, and stimulates both sides of the brain.

Promotes concentration and calm

Watching the light glisten as the contents slowly descend helps babies and young children to relax and concentrate when they feel anxious or frustrated.

Supports learning

The sensory bottle supports learning at all ages and stages of development.

Safe and sustainable

Petit Boum sensory bottles are recyclable and certified under strict safety standards (EN71 and CE - European Community). They are metal, BPA, and phthalate-free. Babies and children can manipulate and mouth them without risk. The sensory bottles are also securely sealed with a double cap and do not break.

Suitable from 3 months


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Sensory Float Bottle - Green

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