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Sensory Time Bundle (6-12 months) (please see description for contents & benefits)

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Product information

Sensory Time Bundle (6-12 Months)

Packaged in a paper bag with a branded label

  1. Ring my Bell.
  2. Chiffon Scarf (rinse before use to remove natural vegetable dye).
  3. Teether.
  4. Ring-handled Ribbon. (Baby Sensory - Branded)
  5. 'Say Hello to the Sun' CD.
Ring my Bell
Developmental benefits:
Hearing the bell jingle encourages your baby to look in the direction of the sound, which improves listening skills, hearing, focusing ability and eye-teaming. 
Have a play:
Jingle the bell slowly from left to right to encourage your baby to track sound and movement. Hold the bell in front of your baby to promote reaching and grasping skills. When your baby makes music, all areas of learning will be enhanced.

Chiffon Scarf
Developmental benefits:
Your baby’s skin will tingle as the chiffon gently caresses the skin. Playing ‘Peekaboo’ with the brightly coloured scarf stimulates interest, and strengthens and coordinates eye muscles.
Have a play:
Sing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’and gently move the chiffon over your baby’s skin. Let the scarf float down gently over your baby and then pull it away saying ‘Peekaboo’ to bring on smiles and giggles Rinse before use to remove natural vegetable dye.

Teether (actual model may vary)
Developmental benefits:
Tender, swollen gums can make your baby miserable. This hard plastic teether can help alleviate your baby’s distress and make life more bearable. 
Have a play:
Chill the teether in the fridge for an hour before offering it to your baby. Provide physical comfort and cuddles during moments of discomfit. Celebrate the emergence of your baby’s first tooth with friends and family and take lots of photographs.

Ring-handled Ribbon
Developmental benefits:
A visual delight! The silky ribbons feel soft and comforting as they move over your baby’s skin. The rich colours stimulate attention and concentration, and they invite playful interactions.
Have a play:
Cheerleader time! Delight and entertain your baby with tickles from the soft ribbons or twirl them in the air to develop all-important visual skills. Having fun with your baby strengthens the bond between you.

‘Say Hello to the Sun’ CD
Developmental benefits:
Ten unique Baby Sensory songs to share with your baby. CD includes ‘Say Hello to the Sun’,
‘To and Fro’, ‘Baby Frog’, ‘Pirate Ship’, ‘Cheeky Monkey’ and ‘Frisky Frog’ to help your baby learn new words in a fun way.
Have a play:
Sing along to the CD and use actions to reinforce meaning. Your baby will love hearing your voice and will be captivated by your expressive movements.

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