The Baby Sensory Family


Baby Sensory 
Our multi-award winning, innovative Baby Sensory programme was designed and developed by Dr Lin Day for babies from birth to 13 months and includes the latest research on play, learning and development. Gain ideas for home play and so much more.....

NEW - Baby Sensory Hello Baby birth to 3 month courses

Hello Baby Observation - a 30-minute observation that can transform your life as a new parent.
Hello Baby Workshops - find out how to manage crying and colic and how best to provide comfort.
Hello Baby Massage -  baby massage, baby yoga, reflexology, sensory integration, back-to-womb containment, bonding - a unique experience for you and your baby!

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Toddler Sense

Our multi-award winning Toddler Sense programme for children from 13 months to 5 years-old is an action-packed adventure story just waiting to happen! Toddlers are relentless in their drive to explore the world, but we know just what keeps them busy, motivated and interested!

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