Toddler Sensory Music

What are the benefits of toddler sensory music?

Music is a powerful tool for stimulating your toddler’s brain and senses, and for promoting their development. Here are some fun and helpful tips for incorporating sensory music into your toddler's playtime:

Introduce different sounds - Have fun with your toddler and play different sounds and styles of music that you love whether it be pop, rock, classical, jazz or simply the radio. 

Use music to promote movement - Encourage your toddler to move to the rhythm of the music. Whether it's dancing, jumping or crawling, incorporating movement into music time helps to develop their gross motor skills, coordination, and emotional development.

Make it sensory - Sensory elements such as scarves, bubbles or ribbons add a new dimension to the musical experience, encourage movement and creativity, and engage all of your toddler's senses.

Get hands-on - Encourage your toddler to get hands-on with musical instruments such as maracas, bells, drums or rhythm sticks. Encouraging them to make their own music develops fine motor skills,  hand-eye coordination, concentration and creativity. It also releases stress and tension.

Sing and play along - Singing and playing along with your toddler heightens the fun, encourages their love of music, and develops language and listening skills. Choose simple songs with repetitive lyrics such as nursery rhymes or Toddler Sense songs to get started, and before you know it, your toddler will be singing along in their own special way!

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